30. Advanced Diploma in Web & Information Technology

30. Advanced Diploma in Web & Information Technology                   (ADWIT)

Duration Normal : 1 Year                               Fast Track : 6 Months 


Section : I



Introduction to Computer, DOS, Operating Systems (Windows/Linux), Word Processing in detail, Spreadsheet (Excel) in Detail, Presentation in Ms-PowerPoint or Equivalent, Outlook Express, FrontPage, MS Access, System Tools, Virus, Internet & E-Commerce and Typing (Word Processing).




 Overview of "C" Programming, Control Structures, Macro, Arrays, Pointers, Memory Allocation, Character Handling, String Handling, User Defined Data Types, Functions, Header File Creation, Storage Class, Numerators, Enumerators, File Handling, Graphics, Data Structures, Files.


 Object-Oriented Programming, Data types, Operators and Expressions, Decision statements, Loop control statements, Arrays, Pointers, Structure and Union, C++ functions, Classes, Constructors and destructors, Overloaded operators, Inheritance, C++ I / O, Recent enhancements to C++

 Section : II


HTML & Web page Designing ;

Introducing HTML, Getting Started, Under Standing The Basic Tags, Tags That Affect The Appearance of your text, Indenting and Creating Spaces with & nbsp and Creating Lists, Creating Links, Images ,Tables, Frames, Animation, Forms, CSS, More Text Formatting, Image Maps, DHTML, Internet and Computer Jargon, Fun with Java Script, Adding Music to Your Web Pages.

Dreamweaver (DMW) ;

Vector and Raster Software , Faces of Dreamweaver, Menus and Toolbars, Status Bar, Property Inspector, Customizing Dreamweaver, Interface, Site Control, Linking, Typography, Tables, Layout, Frames, Rollovers, Cascading Style Sheets, Sourcing and Configuring HTML, Java Script, Forms, Behaviours, Working with Fireworks, Automation, Graphics and Multimedia, Templates and Libraries, Accessibility, Adding Sound, Creating Flash Text, Flash button, Getting it Online, Troubleshooting. 

Raster Designing Software (RDS) ;

 Introduction to Photoshop, Basic Drawing Tool Menu, Selection Modes, Transformations, Adjusting Colour, Paintbrushes and Art Tools, Digital Painting, Short Cut Keys, Using Masks, Guides, Grid and Slices. Importing Images, Exporting Images, Units and Rulers Preset Manager, Floating Palettes, Layers and Paths, Filters and Other Funky Effects, Special Effects, Photo Repair, Pattern Creation, Web Design and Publication.


Introduction to CorelDraw, Drawing Screen, Working with Tool, Line Spacing and Word Spacing, Artistic Text, Working with Shapes, Text and Objects, Short Cut Keys, Special Effects to Bitmaps, Selecting Fill and Hairline Colors, Duplicating and Manipulating Objects, Combining Objects, Intersecting Objects, Shaping and Reshaping Objects, Converting Symbols.

2D Animation Software (2DA) ;

Introduction to Flash, Work Stage, Understanding Tools, Working with Layers, Timeline Header, Onion Skin, Create Symbols, Transitions, Tween Animation, Importing Audio and Video files, Basic Keyframe Animation, Add Motion Guide, Bone and Rigging, Making Animations with Easing, Anatomy Animation, Lips Animation, Walking Cycle. Apply Graphic Filters and Blends, Add Text to a Document, Work with Objects and Classes. 



Introduction to XML, Attributes, Entities, Namespaces, DTDs, Instances and Schemas, CSS, Databases, XML Queries, Advanced XML, XML Web Services (WSDL), Analyzing Requirements & Building, .NET Solutions.


Java Script ;

 Introduction to Java Script, Using Operators, statements and Functions, Handling Events, Working with Objects, Form and Elements Creating Frames and Windows, Using Cookies, Link and Anchor, Using Images, Math Functions, Developing Search Tools, Java Applets, Java API, ActiveX Components, Plug-Ins, Multimedia Applications, Interfacing CGI Programs.


Introduction to C#, Data Type and Operators, Control Statements, Array and Functions, Introduction to Classes and Inheritance, Overloading and Overriding, Name space and Interface, Delegates and Events, Attributes, Structure and Enumerators,Introducing MDI, Drawing Graphics Multithreading, Properties and Indexers, Stream & Files, String Handling, Error handling and Debugging, Database Connection, Using Collections, Web Service.

VB Script ;

Introduction VB Script Basic, Variables, Subtypes and Constants, Array, Operators, Script Procedures, Program Control and Structure, Strings and Numbers, Event Handlers.

ASP.Net (ASP.Net) ;

Introduction to ASP using HTML, Standard Controls of ASP, Other Control of ASP Master Pages & CSS. Creating Simple ASP.Net Web applications with event driven model, understanding ASP.Net server controls, Working with data bound controls, Processing XML files in ASP.Net, Styling XML content in ASP.Net, Consuming Web services in ASP.Net web applications, Configuring ASP.Net applications with web.config, Deploying mobile web applications via ASP.Net. 




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