2.Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering (DCSE)

  1. Diploma in Computer Science  & Engineering  (DCSE)

Duration                      :           2  Years ( 4 Semester )          

Eligibility                      :           10th above


        Paper-I: Basic Mathematics( AS PER SYLLABUS).

        Paper-II: Applied Mechanics  (AS PER SYLLABUS).

        Paper-III: Office automation

What is a Computer, Characteristics of a Computer, Generation of computers, Introduction to the binary system, Components of a Computer, Input units, Output units, Processing units, Storage, Classification of computers, Networking, Software and Installation, Operating systems, Computer languages, Plug ins, Applications of Computer with complete MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint,Outlook Express, MS FrontPage, MS Access, System Tools, Virus, Internet & E-Commerce.

        Paper-IV: Practical / Seminar.




        Paper-I: Introduction to IT 

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Information Technology

Information Systems - Software vs. Hardware - Past, present, and future of IT Assignment

Chapter 2 – Application Software - GUIs - Word Processors and Spreadsheets - Killer App - Microsoft Office Suite Assignment/Lab Microsoft Office PowerPoint assignment

 Chapter 3 – Numeral Systems and Graphics - Decimal, Binary, and Hexadecimal - Computer Graphics - 3D Graphics - Virtual Reality - Image file types Assignment/Lab Adobe Photoshop assignment

Chapter 4 – Internet and World Wide Web - Internet – definition and history - Client / Server - Web Browsers - Web Hosting Assignment/Lab Adobe Photoshop assignment

Chapter 5 – Web Publishing - HTML and CSS - Tags, Links, Images, Fonts, Colors - WYSIWYG HTML Editor Assignment/Lab Adobe Dreamweaver 

Chapter 6 – Networks - Network Hardware - Protocols - Topologies Assignment/Lab Adobe Dreamweaver

Chapter 7 – Hardware - Computer vs. Components - Key computer components

Chapter 8 – Operating Systems - Functions of Operating Systems - Windows,  and Linux 

Chapter 9 – Midterm Assignment/Lab Microsoft Excel assignment

Chapter 10 – Secondary Storage - Hard Disks - Optical Media - Next Generation Media 

Chapter11 – Databases - Types of Databases - History of Databases - Database Management Systems

Chapter 12 – Security and Forensics - Privacy - Hackers - Computer Crimes - Computer Forensics 

Chapter 13 – Programming and ERP Systems - Software Design Cycle - Programming Languages - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

Chapter14 – Social Media - Major Types of Websites - Wikis - Social Networking 

Chapter 15 –  New Trends in IT - Review for Final Exam Assignment/Lab Study for Final Exam


        Paper-II: C Programming .


C Programming: An Overview of “C” Programming, Control Structures, Macro, Arrays, Pointers, Memory Allocation, Character Handling, String Handling, User Defined Data Types, Functions, Header File Creation, Storage Class, Numerators, Enumerators, File Handling, Graphics, Data Structures, Files.

        Paper-III: PC assembling & Trouble Shooting.


Chapter-I: Introduction to Desktop, Portable System background, System Features, Processors, Mother Boards, Memory, Power, Expansion Bus, Hard Disk & Removable Storage Devices, Laptop Components, Laptop Maintenance & Assembling, Linux, Multimedia, Internet, Computer VIRUS, Wi-Fi Network Trouble Shooting.


Chapter-II: Computer Architecture, Mother Board and its all components, Computer Components (Input / Output Devices, Primary and Secondary Memory, Power Supply, Monitor). Computer Assembling, Make your own Computer, Operating System Installation, Windows Vista/7/8.1, Software Installation, Trouble Shooting, Bios Setups, Identifications of Components.

Chapter-III: Introduction to networking Technology, Types of Net working, Transmission Media, CAT 6 Cables, Transmission Media Adapter, Network Topologies, Network Architectures, Networking an Internet Connection with Group Computers, Raid Configuration with Hard disk, Windows 2003 /2008/2012 Server, Windows 7/8.1/10 NetWorking Features.


        Paper-IV: Practical / Seminar





        Paper-I: OOPS with C++

Oops with C++ : OOPS- Object-Oriented Programming, Data types, Operators and Expressions, Decision statements, Loop control statements, Arrays, Pointers, Structure and Union, C++ functions, Classes, Constructors and destructors, Overloaded operators, Inheritance, C++ I / O, Recent enhancements to C++.


.Paper-II: Operating Systems 

  • Disk Operating Syatem (Dos)
  • Windows 95/98/2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7/8.1/10/2012
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Macintosh
  • File System Types


Paper-III: Networking Technology

Chapter : 1

Principle and Operations for Networking, Metropolitan Wi-Fi Networking Design and Deployment, Network Security, Wireless LAN Security Fundamentals, Wireless 802.xx Network Over view, Wireless LAN Trends and Technology. Networking Software Installations

Chapter :2 

 Types of Linux, Introduction to Linux, The structure of Linux, User Interfaces and Desktops, Linux Kernel, GNU and Unix Commands, The shell Scripting and Data Management, Files and Directories in Linux, Drives in Linux, Permissions and Security, System Services, Linux Installation and package Management, Support for other file system, Networking Fundamentals


        Paper-IV: Practical / Seminar




Paper-I: Visual Basic Programming 

The Integrated Development Environment, Managing Projects, Introduction to Visual Basic Language, Forms and Menus, Controls, Concepts of Objects and Classes, Visual Basic and Windows API, Graphics with Visual Basics, Event-Driven Programming, Multiple Document Interface (MDI), Programming and Interfacing with MS-Office, Data Manager and Data Controls. 

 Paper-II:  HTML & Webpage Designing

Introducing HTML, Getting Started, Under Standing The Basic Tags, Tags That Affect The Appearance of your text, Indenting and Creating Spaces with & nbsp and Creating Lists, Creating Links, Images ,Tables, Frames, Animation, Forms, CSS, More Text Formatting, Image Maps, DHTML, Internet and Computer Jargon, Fun with Java Script, Adding Music to Your Web Pages. 


  Paper-III: Project .


 Paper-IV: Practical / Seminar



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